Russ August & Kabat attorneys Marc Fenster, Reza Mirzaie, Ben Wang, Adam Hoffman, Neil Rubin, James Pickens and Jacob Buczko won a jury verdict for their client, Core Wireless, against Apple for the infringement of two Core Wireless patents.  The patents are part of a portfolio of Nokia patents relating to fundamental cellular technology. The jury agreed that Apple’s iPhones and iPads were infringing both asserted patents, and rejected Apple’s invalidity arguments.  The jury awarded $7.3M in damages. See Article

Russ August & Kabat Wins Jury Verdict of Willful Patent Infringement by LG Electronics for Client Core Wireless September 2016

Russ, August & Kabat attorneys Marc A. Fenster, Reza Mirzaie, Adam Hoffman, Neil Rubin, Jacob Buczko and James Pickens won a jury verdict of willful patent infringement of two standards-essential cell phone patents by LG Electronics, for their client, Core Wireless.  While the jury awarded only $2.28 million for past damages, it also awarded a running royalty on both patents that could translate into millions of dollars through 2028, the expiration date of the ‘850 patent.  In a rather rare event, the jury also found that LG willfully infringed Core Wireless’ Standards-Essential Patents, subjecting LG to enhanced damages and the real possibility of Core Wireless recovering its attorney’s fees from LG.  See Article.

Russ August & Kabat Partners Larry C. Russ and Nathan D. Meyer Publish MCLE Article in Los Angeles Lawyer Magazine July 2016

Russ August & Kabat partners, Larry C. Russ and Nathan D. Meyer, co-authored an MCLE article on brand protection for the July/August issue of Los Angeles Lawyer Magazine, which is published by the Los Angeles County Bar Association. The article, “Fashion Sense: Preserving a clothing brand requires a carefully analyzed application of the four main instruments of protection,” discusses the importance of brand proection for continued success in the fashion industry. Attorneys who read the article and answer the accompanying test questions are eligibale for MCLE credit. See Article.

Russ August & Kabat Attorneys Recognized as 2016 Rising Stars, including Nathan D. Meyer and Reza Mirzaie, who are Named Top 100 Rising Stars June 2016

Russ August & Kabat is proud of C. Jay Chung, Nathan D. Meyer, Reza Mirzaie and Jean Y. Rhee who have been recognized as 2016 Southern California Rising Stars by the publishers of Los Angeles Magazine. In addition, Nathan D. Meyer and Reza Mirzaie were recognized as a Southern California Top 100 Rising Stars. See Article.

Russ August & Kabat Wins Federal Circuit Appeal Against Google and Others May 2016

Russ August & Kabat won a reversal of a patent claim construction ruling from the United States Court of Appeals for client HBAC Matchmaker Media against Google, Yahoo, and several major media companies. The case was argued by Russ August & Kabat attorney Brian D. Ledahl. The appeal involved a claim construction ruling requested by Google and other defendants in the district court. The Federal Circuit reversed that ruling and adopted the claim construction advocated by Russ August & Kabat in the case. See Opinion.

Federal Circuit Adopts Position Advocated in Russ August & Kabat Amicus Brief On Key Patent Issue April 2016

Russ August & Kabat attorneys Brian D. Ledahl and Marc A. Fenster submitted an amicus brief on behalf of a number of patent holders to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit in connection with an important patent case addressing venue for patent suits. The case, In re TC Heartland, LLC, raised the issue of where patent infringement suits could be brought. Russ August & Kabat submitted an amicus brief arguing that the relevant federal statute provided that such cases could be brought in any district where the defendant was subject to personal jurisdiction, a position that the Federal Circuit adopted in its precedential opinion. The case drew significant interest from many other amici, including the Electronic Frontier Foundation, Google, Ebay, HP, and many others. Russ August & Kabat submitted the only amicus brief supporting patent holders in the case and advocating the position ultimately adopted by the Federal Circuit. See Opinion.

Russ August & Kabat Attorneys Expands Its Intellectual Property Department with Addition of Partner Neil A. Rubin and Associates Arka D. Chatterjee and Justin E. Maio APRIL 2016

Russ August & Kabat is pleased to announce that Neil A. Rubin, Arka D. Chatterjee, and Justin E. Maio have joined the firm’s litigation and intellectual property departments, as partner and associates, respectively. Mr. Rubin’s practice focuses on patent, trade secret and other intellectual property litigation, for clients in the computer security, networking, electronics, software and financial industries. Mr. Chatterjee’s practice focuses on patent litigation in a wide range of technologies. Mr. Maio’s practice focuses on trademark prosecution and related matters. See Article.

Russ August & Kabat Places on Law360 List of Law Firms Filing the Most Patent Law Suits in 2015

Russ August & Kabat is pleased to announce that the firm has made Lex Machina’s Top Patent Litigation Law Firms list for new patent litigation in 2015.

Russ August & Kabat Secures Placement on Wired Magazine’s List of 50 Intellectual Property Law Firms to Keep in Mind November 2015

Russ August & Kabat is pleased to announce that the firm has made Wired magazine’s list of 50 Intellectual Property Law Firms to Keep in Mind. See Article.